Occupational Hazard of Being a Historian 3: Traveling home for the holidays can be difficult, especially if you are taking all your books with you on the plane. "Excuse me, sir - please watch your head while I put my carry-on in the overhead bin.... No, it's not too heavy. There's only about 20 books... Continue Reading →

Gremlins in machina

We've probably all seen the film with the cute but remarkably troublesome Gremlins in it. We've probably also heard the phrase "gremlins in the machine." Well, there is nothing cute or funny about having gremlins hit your tech while on a research trip. I know because it just happened to me. Technology has revolutionized the... Continue Reading →

On the Road

Topsy turvy. That definitely is the prevailing theme for my summer. Every time I get a plan in place, something happens to send me scurrying for a new plan - that might send me 500 miles in the other direction. This is the summer before my fourth year of Ph.D study, which means I will... Continue Reading →

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