A Past “Day in the Life of Moi”

I recently came across an old, harried "Day in the Life of a Grad Student" that I wrote to vent late-night frustrations a couple years ago. It's somewhat amusing to look back on it from the standpoint of an ABD student in the dissertation writing phase who no longer is teaching. On one hand, some... Continue Reading →

Occupational Hazards 4:

Occupational Hazards of being a historian 4: Others may be toasting in the New Year, you will still be making the final edits on a grant proposal due by midnight on New Year's Eve. Type faster, drink later.  Happy New Year my fellow Historians!

Occupational Hazard of Being a Historian 3: Traveling home for the holidays can be difficult, especially if you are taking all your books with you on the plane. "Excuse me, sir - please watch your head while I put my carry-on in the overhead bin.... No, it's not too heavy. There's only about 20 books... Continue Reading →

Occupational Hazards of Being a Historian 2: The fear that the librarians will report you to the counselors for suicide watch because you keep checking out books about death - death in America, Roman death rites, Anglo death culture, death masks of the ancient world, eulogies and elegies in American rhetoric, etc. Yes, I do... Continue Reading →

Occupational Hazard of Being a Historian 1: Search on Youtube for reenactment of George Washington's funeral at Mount Vernon - Get your Youtube feed filled with videos of world leaders' assasinations and funerals. #depressing  


Efficiency - that's what separates a beginning scholar from a professional. The pro knows exactly what process to follow to go from an idea to a final product. But I'm a rank beginner - I basically just figured out that a process could or should even exist.

Come for lunch!

Come to the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington to hear me and Dr. Kristen Brill discuss our current research projects on classical memory and Confederate loyalties in the MVLA! 

Bending Path

On the face of it, graduate studies can seem a simple process. Somewhere on your school's online student suite, there will be a helpful list of requirements to fulfill: Enroll in 12 units per semester for full time status submit master's essay Apply for co-terminal masters degree upon completion of 48 units of coursework Submit... Continue Reading →

Gremlins in machina

We've probably all seen the film with the cute but remarkably troublesome Gremlins in it. We've probably also heard the phrase "gremlins in the machine." Well, there is nothing cute or funny about having gremlins hit your tech while on a research trip. I know because it just happened to me. Technology has revolutionized the... Continue Reading →

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