All About Stephanie

Caligula and Me
With the statue of the Roman Emperor Caligula at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond

Stephanie is a graduate student in the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia, where she studies the reception of ancient Greece and Rome in United States politics and political culture in the 19th century under the tutelage of Dr. Gary Gallagher, Dr. Elizabeth Varon, Dr. Stephen Cushman, and Dr. Elizabeth Meyer. Her ongoing dissertation “In Memory of the Best: The Classical Commemoration of American Presidents in the Nineteenth Century” examines classical elements in the memorial ceremonies for presidents George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, and Ulysses S. Grant.

At Corcoran, she has served as a graduate teaching assistant for the US history survey course, the Latin American survey course, and the Rise and Fall of the Slave South. She currently co-coordinates the Civil War Seminar at the John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History. She is quite active in public history and the digital humanities and has interned at the Civil War Trust in Washington D.C., Documents Compass at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and the Institute for Advanced Technology for the Humanities at the University of Virginia.

Originally from California, she grew up in the mountains and vineyards of the California Central Coast before moving to the green hills and trees (so many trees – and wow, water) of Virginia. She enjoys fiction, film, classic music (whether Bach or classic rock), and amateur photography. Starting out her academic career as a music major, she is still known to break out in song unexpectedly and make her students sing during class.

You can follow Stephanie on Twitter or Instagram at the handles @SKayLawton.

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