From the Stacks: God Bless Bibliographers

imprints When I started grad school, I had no idea what bibliography was, and let’s be honest, I still don’t. But it is because of bibliographers that such wonderful lists like this one exist to save poor, bewildered historians like me. For the last year or two, I have sometimes used the online database called American Historical Imprints I: Shaw and American Historical Imprints II: Shoemaker. What I only learned today is that this is the digital version of bibliographic checklists of American printed material from about 1643-1819 compiled by Charles Evans Shaw and Richard Shoemaker. Today I was searching around on HathiTrust (another online resource to which I could happily devout whole odes), and I came across M. Frances Cooper’s A Checklist of American Imprints, 1820-1829. Apparently, Mr. Cooper (bless his heart) has produced another bibliographic index of imprints up to 1849, the period in which I do a lot of my work. So, for the next week or two, if you need me, I will be busily searching through these indices while murmuring “God bless the bibliographer” to myself.

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